About Us

Red Castle Group is a security consulting firm that specializes in providing security services to clients both domestically in Canada and internationally in some of the most high-risk areas around the globe. Our team and network of consultants is made up of veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces, ex-law enforcement personnel, ex-first responders and seasoned private security operators with extensive experience conducting security operations in Canada, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Europe. Our team strives to not only meet your expectations, but makes every effort to exceed them. We do this by adopting a flexible, effective and innovative approach to mitigating risk and securing your assets. With our extensive background, access to diverse skill sets, security resources and industry partners, Red Castle Group and its team will aid your organization in the protection of its assets and personnel from physical risk.


Jesse Rea

Jesse is a military and private security professional with extensive experience
conducting security operations in a domestic setting. Within his 6 years of service in the
Canadian Armed Forces, he participated in various armed and unarmed domestic security
operations as a member of the Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada, an infantry regiment based out
of Toronto, Ontario. In the private sector, Jesse has experience conducting private security
operations in settings that include media production outlets, hospitality establishments, retail
centres, government facilities, industrial complexes, cannabis production facilities and religious


Safe Tech Alarms

“SafeTech, a nationwide loss prevention specialist company, installs monitored alarm systems, security cameras, access control and theft prevention systems in places of business and homes. In addition, SafeTech provides licensed security guards to secure premises and events, protecting both people and property. By installing an alarm system and/or other security solution at your home or business, you are more likely to detect an intrusion and reduce the chance of a break-and-enter. Prevent criminals from striking and protect your home or business with a security system.


Focus One Group is a Risk Management company that provides services that include Corporate Risk Management, High-Risk Employee Terminations, Law Firm Support and Investigations, Secure Transportation, Special Event Risk Management, Uniformed Security Personnel, VIP Residential Security and Executive and Celebrity Risk Management Services. Based in Toronto, Canada, Focus One Group operates through global associate offices around the world. With the utmost discretion and dedication, our team of devoted professionals serve 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.