Influence Activity

Many companies lag behind (if not all) a capability, which when operating overseas, especially in high risk areas, seeks to bring influence to the local population of the benefits and advantages of having your company in their territory.

While the government and military organizations have invested considerable resources into the development and implementation of influence and strategic communications with the intentions of persuading key ideas and reducing misconceptions for a given audience or population. Red Castle Security see the advantages to implementing these influence activities to better inform a target audience to support your company’s goals and ideas.

Red Castle Security can set up a program to mitigate hindering interference and enhance support for your company’s operation to facilitate in accomplishing your goals and objectives. Influence work can be directed towards a wide array of audiences, including but not limited to local leaders, key communicators, government officials, media agencies, law enforcement, military and paramilitary organizations.


In order to remain competitive in the global market, companies must seek opportunities outside its borders and look overseas for growth. In order to do this, companies must be able to adapt to its host nation’s culture and environment amidst uncertainty and rapid changes over periods of time.

The challenges companies face is political and social in nature and complicated by corruption and economic uncertainty. A simple public relations campaign to bring your company to light along with these problems is simply not sufficient enough and out dated.

Influence Activity will benefit your company in the long run by addressing these concerns and integrating them to your daily day to day business. A solid IA approach will ensure that your company meets the host nation’s needs and at the same time, accomplish your company’s goals and mission for a sustainable growth.


Our consultants will work alongside your company to create and implement a plan that will identify key players within your community which includes; politicians, police and military commanders, media, community leaders, religious leaders and in special circumstances, local guerrilla leaders whom in most cases are involved in peace talks with the government. Our consultants will engage them by personal interactions with audiences in their territory to influence and inform them of your company’s benefits and purpose in their area and to mitigate any misconceptions, false rumours, and other negative images your company brings to their territory.

Influence Activity is all about understanding the local population, its attitudes and motivations – ultimately to design a campaign with a goal to change their behaviour and understanding of what your company is all about.

Red Castle Security will work alongside your company and in conjunction with the local police and military, to develop an effective Influence Activity campaign.

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