Security Services Division

Security Services Division

Companies and organizations operating in the Canadian market face physical risks on a daily basis. Red Castle Group provides companies with services that help protect their assets from harm or damage. Our team members have extensive experience providing private security solutions in many different capacities and environments that include retail properties, commercial and industrial spaces, hospitality establishments, media production outlets and many more. We use this experience to help companies and organizations generate and utilize the most effective security apparatus possible. Some specific services Red Castle Group provides for our domestic clients are listed below:

Residential Security Teams

Our Residential Security  Programs are custom built to each individual client and their respective needs. We work with homeowners every step of the way in regards to finding the right Residential Security Agent (RSA) That blends with your home culture and building an effective security program that integrates CCTV and Alarms Systems

Special Event Security Teams

Our Security Personnel have extensive experience conducting security tasks for Special Events. We have provided solutions to Large Retailers, Independent/Private Schools, Marketing/Promotion Companies and Private Families in this area and our team is equipped to deal with access control, traffic management, media presence and much more

Crowd Management Personnel

Managing a crowd can be a difficult task. Our Crowd Management Teams can put in place measures to ensure the controlled movement of crowds into venues or retail spaces. We understand the volatility of a large crowd and put systems in place that prevent conflict and support safety. We have provided these services to some of Canada’s largest retailers, Hospitality Establishments, Private Event Venues and Private Estates. We custom tailor our plan with each project to enable an effective access control and crowd management is maintained.

Special Projects Team

Operational Support