Risk and Threat Assessment

Physical risk and vulnerability cannot be mitigated or controlled if it is not identified. Red Castle Group strives at identifying and categorizing potential risks that an organization may encounter during its business activities. This is done by gathering open source information, conducting on the ground assessments, completing research, attaining relevant statistics and utilizing and developing case-studies of similar incidents. This information can be presented to a company or organization through risk-matrix reports, penetration tests, risk assessments and many other reports. Red Castle Group can then advise the client on how to mitigate all risks identifier.

  • Disaster and Emergency Response Plans
  • Risk Matrix Reports
  • Penetration Testing

Penetration Test

A penetration test is a great way to gauge the current effectiveness of a security apparatus. Our professionals conduct this test by finding gaps, weak points and vulnerabilities in a security apparatus and exposing them to the client. This helps clients strengthen weak points and limit their exposure to risk.

Risk Matrix Report

Risk Matrix Reports are a comprehensive analysis and categorization of risks and the Impact and Probability associated with them. The matrix is generated by identifying, analyzing and researching risks associated with a business activity or operation through the use of case-studies, statistics and expert opinion. This report can help your company categorize the risks you may encounter while conducting business and assist in indicating the proper allocation of resources towards mitigating those risks.

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