Operational Support Team

Operational Support Team

Organizations continually experience issues with strategic resource generation. Whether it be sourcing the right personnel or finding the right support services to compliment their capabilities or realize an objective. The Red Castle Group Operational Support Team (OST) specializes in aiding companies and organizations in the management, staffing and logistics for their on-going projects.

Personnel Sourcing

The RCG-OST can aid your organization in building and maintaining an effective security team for your projects. Our networks throughout Canada can provide access to top-tier personnel with Military and Law Enforcement backgrounds.

  • Project Manager Sourcing
  • Local Asset Sourcing
  • Security Staff Sourcing

Security Team Management

The OST can aid Security Companies and/or organizations with managing security resources. Our OST Managers bring an outside prospective and strong professional backgrounds in Military, Law Enforcement and Private Sector Security Backgrounds

  • Security Team Generation
  • Security Personnel Training
  • Security Team Management

Security Adviser’s

The OST can provide strategic Security Advisers that specializes in identifying weak points in a security apparatus,  optimizing the use of current resources and aid in the generation of new resources to strengthen the security program. This includes the sourcing and implementation of support services of Cyber Security, Security Technology, Protective Intelligence Specialists and much more

  • Operational Deployment Advice
  • Strategic Support Service Sourcing
  • Physical Security Penetration Testing

Red Castle Group offers other services that can help your business

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